Cardboard Gold Card Saver 1 (50 Count)


Keep your cards safe and ready for grading!

50 Ct Card Saver 1 Cardboard Gold Semi Rigid Card Holders

We can provide them cheaper than anyone (That I can find!) other than bulk supply from Cardboard Gold themselves!

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The Card Saver 1 is slightly oversized for easy insertion and removal of sports trading cards. This product is used by Professional Sports Authenticator (PSA) and most PSA dealers for card submissions. Over 250 million Card Savers have been sold since we introduced this product at the 1987 National Sports Collectors Convention in San Francisco!

What makes the Card Saver brand #1? Only Card Savers feature consistent quality, the highest clarity plastic, and super low prices due to our enormous volume over the past 33 years of manufacturing this product line to the most discriminating standards!

WARNING: Be careful of cheap knockoffs that claim to be “just like Card Savers”. Only the Card Saver brand is made by Cardboard Gold, Inc. and sold by us and our distributors. Our clarity, material, manufacturing process, and quality is unsurpassed in the industry.