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The Next Phase of MetaHobby

For seven years MetaHobby has been exactly that, a hobby beyond hobby.

A hobby of collecting hobbies you might say. Building each one and its skills, learning something new, taking it to the next level. Something extra for myself, my friends, and the people who we meet on the way.

In the years gone by the concept of MetaHobby has evolved from two friends running a pop-up toy shop in Tempe Arizona into many new and other fun forms. Including, an online music record label with four artists based out of Denver Colorado, and even a life long dream of mine, an Indie Game Studio! Which was built alongside two great friends out west in Fremont California. I’ve had a blast each phase of the MetaHobby story and now it’s time for the next phase. So let’s turn the page!

Stay tuned this year and find out what we have in store

— Mason @ MetaHobby