Welcome to the MetaHobby DevLog

Work on Fingees and Hexcross continues, we are adding some new content for Hexcross soon too. I don’t know if you’ve made it over to our About Page to see who we are and what we are working on, but that page will update and so for record for ourselves and the world, say Hello to Dev Log 00000.

Curt, Dauie and Mason make up MetaHobby!

We had an idea that probably sounds familiar to anyone that has ever wanted to create video games:

We live in a world where the ability to make a video game is in our hands. With computers, internet and free software, the idea of making video games is no longer a dream. It is very real and if you are not making games, people want to help you do so, we even want to help you do so.

So how about selling games? We all have to make money. Beyond the morals and politics here, which will be faced head on, this is something we’ll need to find out, or we won’t get to stay around.

Read our blog, chat with us on discord and join us for this crazy ride!

It’s going to take everything we can think of and more to make this work, and we didn’t come empty handed:

We already release a game on Android and iOS! That’s right, we took these first few weeks seriously with our question in mind. Without something to sell, we can’t learn to sell games.

Hexcross is out now on AndroidiOS and coming soon on Windows, Mac and Linux.

With that undeniably super rushed release onto mobile, we have decided to polish the game a bit more for it’s desktop release, and update the mobile version with the new features. Including awesome new touch and keyboard ready menu system; Something we can use for many future titles!

The earliest and quickest lesson learned was about Marketing.
Start Early.

Something we wish we had done 25 days ago when we started.

We are currently at work making Fingees: A Touch of Fun.