Color War Chrono: Paint Paradox was showcased at Oracle Open World this week as an arcade machine!

The machine featured QR code scanners to register your score on a leader board powered with Oracle Autonomous Database.

It was a really awesome surprise for me to return from PAX Dev and PAX to find that the arcade machine was almost finished- it’s a modded cabinet and I’d have to say I love how it turned out.

Color War Chrono came to life in the 6th Alakajam, which while mentioning I should say: Alakajam #7 will be starting tomorrow learn more about this game jam on their site:

The Robot, as you might see, is a “Pepper” by SoftBank Robotics that would shout different lines about what was going on.

Here is a transcription of the video:

Okay here I am with Mason of metal hobby and he’s been an accelerator program 42 San Francisco and they created a game Color War Chrono to be part of this Oracle Open World.
So Mason tell me how did you get going on this and what tell me more about the accelerator and your company the accelerator in the game.
Sure thing. So I’ll start with our company where MetaHobby we’re an indie game studio right here at the Bay Area we’re down in Fremont at that school that was mentioned, 42.
42 is pretty crazy too. There’s a school with no teachers, completely free to go to you teach yourself how to code along with your peers so I picked two of my friends from there and said hey let’s make a video game we have on another game Hexcross you can check it out but this is Color War Chrono it’s pretty special to me because I was doing pretty much a game hackathon that had a 48 hour time limit and I made this game and then later we were asked to put a game in arcade machine and I said this is probably the best for people to play since it’s a two player dueler two people run around painting as much of the board as they can but the twist of course and and why it’s called “Chrono” is because you’re traveling through time so it records all the button presses you make so you can play them against each other it becomes a really hectic chaotic battle to paint close to the territory when blue is claiming to Timeline it starts rain this color and that finishes the game but of course people are on the controls it gets a little bit crazier but yeah so uh we’ve checked it out and plugged it into the database here and showing high scores you can scan a QRcode to get your name in there and we are actually just broadcasting the data to the network not particularly telling it should become a leader board and we have separate software grabbing it and putting autonomous database to make it into this leader board we never have to get more and more data like pressing left is critical to victory or like jumping less is good or things like that and we can get that with all this so it’s really exciting very cool. Thank you.
You built the original version of this in just 48 hours 48 hours for a–
They’re called game jams and it was a game jam called Alakajam I suggested to everybody it’s actually a spin-off jam of another one called Ludum Dare, which means to create a game in latin, is coming up just the beginning of October anybody that wants to make a game do it it’s so much fun and so fulfilling and in 48 hours you either learn about scope or you have a fun time crashing the train so it’s a lot of fun.
Okay very cool well thanks for sharing you know please see more of this yeah.
Let’s battle.
Next Dave battling out in Color War Chrono.