Color War Chrono at Oracle Open World

Color War Chrono: Paint Paradox was showcased at Oracle Open World this week as an arcade machine! The machine featured QR code scanners to register your score on a leader board powered with Oracle Autonomous Database. It was a really awesome surprise for me to return from PAX Dev and PAX to find that the […]

Devlog 00003

Pixel art, 1 year of learning     Hello, my name is Curtis Krommenhoek and I am an artist and game developer at Metahobby. I started programming in my senior year of highschool, where I developed a love for coding. I’ve learned the tools over the past two years of becoming a Software Engineer at […]

Devlog 00002

Out next game is in development- and we just tested the server live for the first time to some exciting and purposely explosive crashing results. It was awesome to see a good crowd of people in the game already. It’s our first socket io game, so look forward to more details on it soon! Want […]

Devlog 00001

Gamemaker Studio 2 ex

Soul – Raising the bar on quick game releases. Hello, All! I’m Wyatt from MetaHobby. We’re a small game studio that’s focused on releasing high quality cross-platform games quickly. To accomplish this we have to eliminate repetitive tasks that are required when making a game, like setting up cameras, making menus and menu elements, controlling […]

DevLog 00000

Welcome to the MetaHobby DevLog Work on Fingees and Hexcross continues, we are adding some new content for Hexcross soon too. I don’t know if you’ve made it over to our About Page to see who we are and what we are working on, but that page will update and so for record for ourselves […]

Fingees now in development

So what is fingees?​ After the launch of our first title Hexcross, we are starting the production of a new game we call Fingees. Fingees is a Multi Touch party game and we already have a few ideas we think you will love. Stay tuned for more!

Now making Games!

MetaHobby is now not only releasing music, but making games! We will be releasing our first title soon.