Curt, Dauie and Mason make up MetaHobby!

We’re a game development studio, but what is “MetaHobby”? What does it mean?

MetaHobby is the hobby of having and finding hobbies.
We know that hobbies become so much more.

Hexcross is out now on Android, iOS and coming soon on Windows, Mac and Linux.

Fun Facts:

MetaHobby used to sell yo-yos and kendama,
has distributed music as a record label,
and even has a weekly meetup for fellow hobby hobbyists.

MetaHobby Loves Stickers!
A few limited batches of Meta Stickers have found their way in the world.
When we have a bit of time, I’m sure we’ll have more.

Although we started making games April 2019, our team has loved games their entire lives.
We’ll get some of our favorites up here soon.

Looking for more info about us and our background?
Read our article written by

or watch Mason respond when asked about Color War Chrono and the Studio at a conference:

Mason, also known as Qst0, does game-jam let’s play on:

Looking for a way to get in touch?
Start a conversation, Join the MetaHobby Discord. 

Write an email to the [email protected]

Your friends at MetaHobby,
DauieMason and Curt